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Barrod is located in Rajasthan
Coordinates: 27°53′41″N 76°22′05″E / 27.89472°N 76.36806°E / 27.89472; 76.36806Coordinates: 27°53′41″N 76°22′05″E / 27.89472°N 76.36806°E / 27.89472; 76.36806
Country India
State Rajasthan
District Alwar
Subdistrict Behror
 • Total 24,000
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Pincode 301020

Barrod Hindi|बड़रोद is the oldest village in Behror Tehsil, Alwar District, Rajasthan, India. Barrod is situated on State Highway No-14, RJ SH 14. The name is sometimes written as Bardod. Barrod is made by two village, Barrod and Kankara Barrod. The name of this village was given on the name of BARDA KUMHAR. Since it was founded many caste reside in this town Rajput, Brahmin, Yadav, Kumhar, Sunar, Luhar, Mali etc.

Source of employment in this village are mostly people dependent on Agriculture (Vegetable cropping), Now Some of the Semi-Urban families send their child to Major cities of India for Higher and Professional education. People of this area serving to most of parts of India. Major Buildings of Village includes- Rudh Ka Mahal, Govt. School, CHC (Community Hospitality Centre), Dharamshala Etc. Town is also equipped with PNB Bank, Barroda Gramin Bank, NABARD Office, Hospitals, Govt Sr. Sec.Schools, Panchayti Suchan Bhawan etc. Language spoken by local people is of Hindi but dialect is of Haryanavi mixed with Rajasthani. which is call Rath Language.

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