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Barryville is a hamlet in Highland, Sullivan County, New York. It is named for William T. Barry, postmaster general under President Andrew Jackson. The community grew up around the D&H Canal, which opened in 1828 and operated until 1898. The canal ran through what is today the center of the hamlet, and the canal company operated a number of stores, an office and a dry dock there. Prior to this, just to the North of Barryville was the site of a colonial skirmish at what is known today as the Battle of Minisink.

The Delaware River also served as the conduit for timber cut in the area and rafted to Philadelphia for use in the ship building industry. Men made fortunes in the timber business, and when the industry died in the middle of the 19th century, many river communities died with it. In fact, writing in 1899, John Willard Johnston, lawyer, historian, and the town of Highland’s first supervisor, predicted a dire future for Barryville.

"Barryville is a small, poor village now," he wrote, "but at one time supported an active business. The lumber of the region being exhausted, the business of canaling declining and now abandoned, it has for the last 25 years been waning, until now it seems to have reached a bottom of hardpan. Human imagination can hardly reach anything in the future likely to improve it; but it will probably remain indefinitely the small poor place it now is."

The Delaware River section between Narrowsburg and Barryville is considered a good spot for smallmouth fishing.[1]

Camp Tel Yehudah, the official national teen leadership camp of Young Judaea, is located in Barryville.

Spring House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.[2]

Pyne Ayre Barryville in 2013 is currently celebrating the twenty-fifth year of its legal foundation.

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