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Skyline of Barstyčiai
Official seal of Barstyčiai
Barstyčiai is located in Lithuania
Coordinates: 56°09′50″N 21°52′0″E / 56.16389°N 21.86667°E / 56.16389; 21.86667
Country  Lithuania
County LTU Klaipėdos apskritis flag.svg Klaipėda County
Population (2001)
 • Total 659
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Barstyčiai ( eighteenth century. late - nineteenth century. early Jagminpolis ) - Town Skuodas municipality southeast, 12 miles west of Seda . Wards center, 2 seniūnaitijos (Southeast and Southwest). There is a wooden St. Apostles Simon and Jude Thaddeus Church (built in 1906)., Barstyčiai secondary school, child care homes, a library (from 1953 m.), Email (EN-98014). Southwest them lay Barstyčiai small lake .


Fields of the village found a stone ax . Barstyčiai celebrity - the largest in Lithuania Barstyčiai stone, located nearby - inhale the country. [2] 1558 m. 18 mentions Wallach Barstyčiai village seventeenth century. documents - Barstyčiai mansion and a village. 1,649 - 1,773 m. belonged to roughs Jesuit college, then nobility Jagmino. Tverai tijūnas Tadas Jagminas 1788 m. built a church, and the eighteenth century. end - the nineteenth century. the beginning of a village called Jagminpoliu . 1,841 m. was 16 yards Barstyčiai town and 15 yards of the village. nineteenth century. acted in the second half of the parish, in 1908 m. established in the subordinate elementary school, in 1949 - 1,958 m. The seven, eight, from 1958 on. Barstyčiai High School. 1,948 m. establish a child care homes, nursery, library, 1956 m. - House of Culture. From 1908 m. Parish Center. twentieth century. third and fourth decade of Barstyčiai small group of distinguished cultural activities. During the Nazi occupation of 1941 m. were killed 13 village families. 1,941 m. Here the partisan crowd began to settle. After the Second World War Barstyčiai area before the Soviet occupation regime fought Alka team guerrillas. one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven - 1.95 thousand years. district, later - around the center, the central collective farm village. 1,990 m. October. rebuilt 1936 m. built and 1974 m. demolished Pavasarininkai monument. [3] 2011 m. on 28 October. Lithuanian President Decree. 1K-745 approved Barstyčiai coat of arms .

Notable People[edit]

People born in Bartyčiai


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