Bart de Graaff

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Bart de Graaff
Bart de Graaff.png
Bart de Graaff in 1991
Born April 16, 1967
Haarlem, Netherlands
Died May 25, 2002
Leiden, Netherlands
Occupation Presenter, Comedians

Bart F. de Graaff (April 16, 1967 - May 25, 2002) was an influential Dutch television presenter, comedian and creator, as well as the founder and chairman of the public broadcasting network BNN.

Because of a car accident in his youth, De Graaff suffered from serious renal failure for most of his life. This also caused a growth disorder which made him look like a twelve-year-old boy. In his career as a television presenter he often used this fact to his advantage. In 1997 he founded a public broadcasting network, Bart's News Network (BNN). After his death, it was renamed to Bart's Neverending Network. Targeted at a youthful audience, the network quickly became known for its sometimes provocative programming. Bart de Graaff also made a radio station called 3FM. A television show De Grote Donorshow (The Big Donor Show) by BNN won an Emmy award for Best Non-scripted Entertainment.

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At the end of 1997 De Graaff received a donor kidney and was for a time able to live a relatively normal life. In 1999 the kidney was rejected and his health deteriorated quickly. De Graaff died in May 2002, 35 years old.