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BarterQuest is an Internet company based in New York City that facilitates the cashless barter of a broad variety of goods, services, and real estate by consumers and businesses worldwide. As a pure trading site, BarterQuest offers as an alternative to buying and selling to receive products without cash. JPM Global, Inc. D.B.A. BarterQuest, a Delaware corporation with offices in New York, NY., was founded in July 2006 by Dr. Paul Bocheck,[1] Michael Satz,[2] and Bianca Han. The full-featured website was launched in December 2009.

BarterQuest provides a trading platform based on proprietary, patent pending technology that instantly matches users for two party and multi-party trades. The Matching engine developed by Dr. Bocheck allows users to find trading alternatives among multiple users each listing what they have and what they want.[3] The site uniquely combines easy to use user interface and a number of features to enhance the trading experience. Our users can barter internationally or locally. In addition to on site messaging, the site features trading clubs that allow users to form their own trading communities.[4] The site was developed in Ruby on Rails.

BarterQuest was featured on Fox Business News.[5]

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