Bartley Water

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Bartley Water, west of Busketts Lawn Inclosure

Bartley Water is a stream and river going through the New Forest district of Hampshire, England.

It runs from Bartley to Eling where it becomes tidal and flows out into Southampton Water which goes to the Solent.

The tidal part of the river (but not the natural low water flow) drives the working historic Eling Tide Mill at Eling, where a toll road crosses the river.

The river is also an important recreational and wildlife haven, especially at the tidal, Eling end of the river. Despite being shallow in many places the stream is home to brown trout and rainbow trout that average about 10-12 inches long.

Coordinates: 50°54′42″N 1°28′49″W / 50.91167°N 1.48028°W / 50.91167; -1.48028