Bartolomea Capitanio

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Saint Bartolomea Capitanio
Saint Bartolomea Capitanio.jpg
Born Lovere, Lombardy, Italy
Died 26 July 1833
Honored in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized 1950 by Pope Pius XII
Feast July 11

Bartolomea Capitanio (1807 – 26 July 1833) born in Lovere, Italy was, with Vincenza Gerosa, one of the foundresses of the Catholic religious institute the Sisters of Charity of Lovere.

Bartolomea was seventeen when she first become acquainted with Vincenza, a fellow native of Lovere. They created their congregation to teach the young and nurse the sick, following the principles of Saint Vincent de Paul. Saint Bartolomea died in 1833, at the age of twenty-six. Even without support of an established order,they managed to start a home for orphaned girls, school and hospital


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