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Basanta Chowdhury
Born 5 May 1928
Died 20 June 2000
Occupation Actor

Basanta Chowdhury [1][spelling?] also credited as Vasant Choudhury (Bengali: বসন্ত চৌধুরী ) (5 May 1928 – 20 June 2000) was an actor in Kolkata-based Bengali film industry, and Mumbai-based Hindi film industry. He worked with directors Asit Sen, Rajen Tarafdar, Ajay Kar and Bijay Bose,[2] often in leading roles.

Early life and education[edit]

Basanta Chowdhury was born on 5 May 1928 in Nagpur. In 1945, he completed his Matriculation Examination from D.N.H. School. After that, he graduated from the Morris College as a graduating student of Nagpur University in 1949.


His first film was Mahaprasthaner Pathe by director Kartik Chattopadhay in 1952. Some of his memorable films are, Bhagaban Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Jadu Bhatta, Andhare Alo, Deep Jwele Jaai with Suchitra Sen, Anushtoop Chhanda, Abhaya O Srikanta, Raja Rammohan Roy, Diba Ratrir Kabya, Devi Chowdhurani. He was attached to amateur theatre and radio also .

In 1965, he was awarded the Best Actor Prize for his film Raja Rammohan by Bengali Film Journalists Association.[citation needed] In 1996, he also received Bangla Stage Centenary Star Theatre award from Calcutta University.[citation needed] He had also acted in several Hindi films.

Basanta Chowdhury had been the Sheriff of Kolkata. He was also appointed as the Chairman of Nandan.
Basanta Chowdhury died on 20 June 2000 at the age of 72.


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