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Basouna is a village in Siradeh panchayat in Kahra block of Saharsa district of Koshi Commissionary of Mithila region of Bihar, India. It is at a distance of 6 km from the district headquarters.

Neighbouring villages are Dholi, Chainpur, Bharauli, Amarpur, Parminia, Siradeh, Dighia, Parari, and Bangaon. There are two schools: one middle school (which is a model school of this region) and a girls' school.

Main temples are the Mahadev mandir, thakur wari, hanuman mandir, dharmraj, and devi sthan (in Diwari).

Agriculture is the main occupation of this village. The main crops are rice, wheat, horse gram beans, and mung beans.

The village has supplied a large number of its sons to serve in the army. Pt.Dhaneshwar Jha was the influential person of this village. The first English Graduate from this village is Shri Gangadhar Jha. He has three sons 1.Sanjay kumar Jha, M.Sc.(Electronics), PGDCA 2.Mukesh Jha, M.C.A, M.B.A (U.S.A) 3.Rajesh Jha, M.B.A (Delhi) are great follower of Geeta & God. Mukesh jha is the first person to travell to USa and England. Pt.Laleshwar Jha is a famous devotee of Goddess Kali. Maithli songs are popularly sung here. It is a village of secular character. The Hindu Muslim unity could be seen here at every steps. People has a great faith in Data "Dharamraj". Bhagait, a special type of songs & sadhna, is very popular among the villagers. But the villagers are still orthodox and conservative. poverty and lack of infrastructure facilities villagers are still very hard working. The famous diwari mela in sawan is an attraction for the others. sarpanch pt. Malik jha and Pt. Uma jha were also very influential. Many types of activities are being organised to encourage younger generation like republic day sports competition and saraswati pooja.