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This article is about the positional numerical system. For the content encoding scheme, see Base32.

Base 32 or duotrigesimal is a numeral system with 32 as its base.

Natural language[edit]

Ngiti is reported to have a base 32 numeral system with base-4 cycles.[1] The following is a list of some Ngiti numerals.

Number (in decimal) Numeral
1 atdí
2 ɔyɔ
3 ìbhu
4 ì
8 àrù
12 otsi
16 ɔpi
20 àbà
24 àròtsí
28 àdzòro
32/ wǎdhì
64 ɔyɔ wǎdhì
96 ìbhu wǎdhì
128 ìfɔ wǎdhì


Base32 is an encoding scheme using base 32.


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