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The Baseball Confederation of Oceania is the governing body of baseball within Oceania, and is responsible for the Oceania Baseball Championship.

The Baseball Confederation of Oceania was established in 1989, it currently has 15 member nations.

Ray Brown, the BCO Development Officer, provides support throughout the region.

Since 2006, the BCO has run a Regional Training Centre for aspiring players. Run for approximately 10 days, the RTC is open to players 14-18 who want to perform at a higher level. In 2006, the RTC was held in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2007, it was held in Christchurch, New Zealand. A site for 2008 has not yet been determined.


Baseball arrived in most parts of Oceania as a result of Japanese influence prior to and during World War II, and American influence, particularly following the war. The Japanese influenced was most pronounced in Micronesia, particularly Palau.[1]



Rankings as of 19 October 2009[2]
Team Points
1 11  Australia 211.24
2 34  Palau 12.50
3 =37  New Caledonia 10.00
4 =42  American Samoa 7.50
5 =55  Fiji 3.75
6 =74  Samoa 0.25

When the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) first released their world rankings, Australia was the only team listed.[3] The only continental tournament recognised at the time was the 2007 Oceania Baseball Championship, which had been awarded to Australia when New Zealand pulled out of the series.[4]

However when the IBAF released their updated rankings list in August 2009, in addition to the most recently contested tournaments being added and their expired counterparts being removed, several past tournaments were also added to the ranking system, including the 2007 Pacific Games.[5] This resulted in a further five teams being added to the world rankings list. Australia maintained its position as first of the Oceania teams, given the number of tournaments they had participated in within the tracking period, whereas the newly entered teams had only contested the one tournament.

Though there are a number of teams explicitly listed in the current rankings as having participated in international tournaments within the tracking period but not in any that are considered in the ranking system, none of those teams are from Oceania.

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