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Baseball Joe is the fictional hero of a number of children's books written by Howard R. Garis under the name of "Lester Chadwick". The series follows the main character, a star baseball player named Joe Matson, from high school to college (at Yale University) and then to success as a professional.

The "Baseball Joe" series was produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and published by Cupples & Leon. Some sources credit Edward Stratemeyer with writing unspecified books in the series[1] Another source cites John W. Duffield as the author of the last 9 books in the series.[2]

The Baseball Joe Series[edit]

  1. Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars, or The Rivals of Riverside - 1912
  2. Baseball Joe on the School Nine, or Pitching for the Blue Banner - 1912
  3. Baseball Joe at Yale, or Pitching for the College Championship - 1913
  4. Baseball Joe in the Central League, or Making Good as a Professional Pitcher - 1914
  5. Baseball Joe in the Big League, or A Young Pitcher's Hardest Struggles - 1915
  6. Baseball Joe on the Giants, or Making Good as a Ball Twirler in the Metropolis - 1916
  7. Baseball Joe in the World Series, or Pitching for the Championship - 1917
  8. Baseball Joe Around the World, or Pitching on a Grand Tour - 1918
  9. Baseball Joe, Home Run King, or The Greatest Pitcher and Batter on Record - 1922
  10. Baseball Joe Saving the League, or Breaking Up a Great Conspiracy - 1923
  11. Baseball Joe Captain of the Team, or Bitter Struggles on the Diamond - 1924
  12. Baseball Joe Champion of the League, or The Record that was Worth While - 1925
  13. Baseball Joe Club Owner, or Putting the Home Town on the Map - 1926
  14. Baseball Joe Pitching Wizard, or Triumphs Off and On the Diamond - 1928


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