Bashir ibn Sa'ad

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Bashir ibn Sa'ad was one of the companions of Muhammad.


Early life[edit]

He became the chief of Banu Aus[1]

610 – 632: Muhammad's era[edit]

He was a Companion who was present at the battle of Badr.

He became the chief of Banu Aus[1]

Succession to Muhammad[edit]

Main article: saqifah


He was killed at 'Ayn at-Tamr, as az-Zurqani mentioned.


Shi'a view[edit]

Ali Asgher Razwy, a 20th century Shi'a Twelver Islamic scholar states:

Others were Muhammad bin Maslama, Bashir bin Saad, and Zayd bin Thabit. They had shown great zeal in taking the oath of loyalty to Abu Bakr in Saqifa.[2]

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