Basic Education High School No. 5 Botataung

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Botataung 5 High School
School badge of BEHS 5 Botataung.png
BEHS 5 Botataung.JPG
Anawrahta Road

Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar
Type Public
School number 1
Principal Dr. Nan Htike Aung
Grades Year 1 - Year 11
Number of students ~2500
Color(s) White, green
Nickname Golden Fishes

Basic Education High School (BEHS) No. 5 Botataung is a public high school in Myanmar. Graduation rate averages above 85% of total candidates, every year. It offers classes from Kindergarten to Tenth Standard (recently renamed as "Grade 1 to Grade 11").

Although the school is small with only four stories and no campus open-ground, it accommodates around 3,000 students including the 300 student intake each year. The school is co-educational.

It is located in Botataung Township, the eastern side of Yangon, at the junction of 45th Street (Upper) and Anawrahta Road. It is surrounded by food shops, Paragu Hospital, Police Station and City Mart Shopping Center. Transportation is convenient because of the two bus-stops, one at 46th Street and another one on Thein Phyu Road.


The school is administered by the Ministry of Education.


Like all public schools in Myanmar, Botataung students wear school uniform. There are two sets of uniform, one for wear from Kindergarten to 4th Standard (Year 1 to 5), and another, more traditional one, for wear from the 5th Standard to 10th Standard (Year 6 to 11). All uniforms are of the same colour - a white shirt or blouse, with a green garment for the bottom.

Boys uniform[edit]

  • From Kindergarten (Year 1) to the 4th Standard (Year 5), male students wear a white shirt (with or without the collar), tucked into a green pants - either short or long.
  • From Year 6 onwards, the students wear a white shirt (with or without the collar), and a green longyi/Paso.

Girls uniform[edit]

  • From Kindergarten (Year 1) to the 4th Standard (Year 5), girls wear either skirts or pants, with a white shirt. Girls usually wear slippers.
  • From Year 6 onwards, the uniform becomes more traditional, like its male counterpart. The girl must wear either a front opening (yin-zee) or side opening (yin-phone) traditional Burmese blouse, with the longyi/Htamein as the lower garment.


It ranks one of the highest overall in Myanmar High Schools in the Myanmar University Entrance exam, conducted by the Myanma Examination Board. The school is in the "nationwide outstanding top-ten students' list", colloquially known as the whole-Burma or top ten list. Every year, Botataung [5] students continue on to the Institute of Medicine 2.[citation needed]


  • Library room
  • Multimedia classroom
  • Science lab
  • Computer classroom

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