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Seal of Basil Vatatzes

Basil Vatatzes (Greek: Βασίλειος Βατάτζης, died 1194) was a Byzantine nobleman and general. He was married to a niece of Emperor Isaac II Angelos (reigned 1185–1195), and was appointed by him as Domestic of the East and doux of the Thracesians. In this capacity, he suppressed the revolt of Theodore Mankaphas in Philadelphia in 1189. By 1193 he was Domestic of the West (as with his contemporary and co-commander, Alexios Gidos, it is unclear if he was Grand Domestic or not), at Adrianople, and was killed fighting against the Bulgarians in the Battle of Arcadiopolis in 1194.

He was probably the father of John III Doukas Vatatzes, the future Emperor of Nicaea, and of the sebastokrator Isaac Doukas Vatatzes.


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