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Basket Livorno, also known for sponsorship reasons as Livorno was an Italian basketball club based in Livorno.[1]

In 2008/09 season it played in the Italian LegADue (also known as Serie A2, second division of Italian professional basketball), but after that season the team finished its activity due to debits.

It got relegated from Serie A, the top division, after the 2006/07 season. Livorno was represented in the past in Serie A by two other teams, Libertas Livorno and Pallacanestro Livorno. Those teams have merged under the Libertas name in 1991, and the team went bankrupt in 1994. Currently Libertas plays in the lower levels of Italian basketball.

Basket Livorno was established in 1995 and, in the past, due to sponsorship deals, has also been known as Bini Viaggi Livorno (1996–99), Mabo Livorno (2000-02), Mabo Prefabbricati Livorno (2002–04) and Villaggio Solidago Livorno (2004–05).[2] Their best result so far was 11th place in Serie A in the 2004/05 season.



They play at PalaAlgida.

2008-2009 Roster[edit]

5 United States Rashad Anderson Shooting guard/Small forward
6 Italy Uruguay Mauricio Aguiar Small forward
7 Italy Matteo Spippoli Center
8 Italy Marco Giuri Point guard/Shooting guard
9 United States Jermaine Boyette Shooting guard
10 Italy Lorenzo D'Ercole Point guard
13 Italy Gianni Cantagalli Point guard
14 Latvia United States Troy Ostler Power forward
18 Italy Stefano Simeoli Small forward
19 Italy Andrea Cessel Center
20 Italy Riccardo Malagoli Power forward/Center

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