Basmane-Nazilli Regional

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Basmane-Selçuk-Nazilli Regional
TCDD at Torbalı.JPG
Train #32206 at Torbalı station.
Service type Regional rail
Status Operating
Locale Western Anatolia
First service 1971
Current operator(s) TCDD
Start İzmir
End Denizli
Average journey time 4 hours, 15 minutes
Service frequency 3 trains daily(Basmane-Selçuk-Denizli) and 2 trains daily(Basmane-Selçuk-Nazilli) each way
On-board services
Seating arrangements Airline style seating
Rolling stock TCDD DM15000, TCDD MT5700
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Track owner(s) TCDD
Route map
Distance Station
0 Basmane
14 km (8.7 mi) Gaziemir
17 km (11 mi) Adnan Menderes Airport
21 km (13 mi) Cumaovası
36 km (22 mi) Pancar
48 km (30 mi) Torbalı
51 km (32 mi) Tepeköy
59 km (37 mi) Sağlık
77 km (48 mi) Selçuk
88 km (55 mi) Çamlık
99 km (62 mi) Ortaklar
107 km (66 mi) Germencik
119 km (74 mi) İncirliova
130 km (81 mi) Aydın
140 km (87 mi) Umurlu
149 km (93 mi) Köşk
159 km (99 mi) Sultanhisar
164 km (102 mi) Atça
56 km (35 mi) Nazilli

The Basmane-Nazilli Regional (Turkish: Basmane-Selçuk-Nazilli Bölgesel) is a regional rail service operated by the Turkish State Railways. The trains use the former ORC mainline from İzmir to Nazilli, a distance of 175 km (109 mi). Service from İzmir to Nazilli dates back to 1882, when the Oriental Railway Company opened the line. The Stat Railways took over the line in 1935 and operated the Basmane-Denizli Regional as well as the discontinued Lakes Express to Isparta, also servicing Nazilli. In 2009, the Basmane-Selçuk-Nazilli regional opened as a new service on the line, this new service runs together with the Basmane-Selçuk-Denizli Regional. The Basmane-Selçuk-Nazilli regional acts as an express to the Basmane-Selçuk-Denizli regional, skipping a few stations the other stops at.