Bass Odyssey

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Bass Odyssey
Bass Odyssey selector Worm alongside Dj Lexxy.JPG
Playing at the Annual Mothers' Day Event, 2012
Background information
Origin Saint Ann, Jamaica
Genres Reggae, Dancehall
Years active 1989 (1989)–present
Labels Bass Odyssey Entertainment
Bass Odyssey Sound System speaker column, Tropical Hut, St. Mary, May 2012
Bass Odyssey Salutes Jamaica's 50Th Anniversary

Bass Odyssey is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall sound system founded in 1989 by Keith Walford.[1]


Founder and owner Keith Walford was involved with music from an early age. After graduating from York Castle High in 1976, young Keith who joined his father's local mechanic business, partnered with him to expand it by adding the service of being a vendor and operator of juke boxes and gaming machines. As both a hobby and small business gig, young Keith would play vinyl and cassettes on his massive component set at small events such as weddings and birthday parties. Simultaneous with his increasing demand was the re-emergence of the sound system era in the Jamaican entertainment scene which inspired his path to establish the Bass Odyssey Sound System in 1989. Initially Walford worked with friend Bunny Hayles, but in 1994 there was a split and Hayles went in pursuit of different business ventures. Soon after the split, then popular selectors Glamma G and Lenny also went in pursuit of other careers. Nevertheless, Walford maintained the sound system and rebuilt it to surpass its former glory giving rise to ace selectors such as Squingy (1972 - 2009), DJ Mark, Worm, Damion, Country Speng, Lexxie, Keithy and Dwayne; Tinna One had migrated from the island. selector Squingy (real name Kevin Bennett[2]) fell ill in 2007[3] and died in 2009.[2][4]

Special Performances[edit]

World Clash 2012 Jamaica [5] David Rodigans birthday bash in 2003[6] and the Riddim Clash 2006, a yearly sound clash sponsored by the German reggae magazine Riddim.[7]

Bass Odyssey have won the New York World Clash[8] and the UK Cup Clash (in 2006,[3][9] 2007,[citation needed] and 2008[10]). Most recent clash wins include Guinness Sounds of Greatness 2009 and UK Tag Team Cup Clash 2010 alongside David Rodigan and One Love both sound systems out of Europe. In 2011, Keith Walford got elected to the Parliament of Jamaica, representing the St. Ann district for the People's National Party.[1]


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