Bassas de Pedro

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Bassas de Pedro is located in India
Bassas de Pedro
Bassas de Pedro
Location of Bassas de Pedro in the Indian Ocean

Bassas de Pedro, also known as Munyal Par or Padua Bank, is a submerged bank or sunken atoll belonging to the Amindivi Subgroup of islands of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India, at 13°05′N 72°25′E / 13.083°N 72.417°E / 13.083; 72.417.

It is the largest feature of Lakshadweep, with a lagoon area of 2474.33 km², which is more than half of the sum of all lagoon sizes in Lakshadweep (59 percent). It is also one of the northernmost features, second only to Cora Divh. Bassas de Pedro, Cora Divh and Sesostris Bank, all submerged, form the north of Lakshadweep. Bassas de Pedro stretches over 130 km from 12°31'N to 13°41'N, in the shape of an arch open to the east. Its width ranges from 15 km in the north to 33 km in the south. Its southern end is 63 km east of North Cay of Cherbaniani Reef, the closest land feature.

There are no emergent cays or islands. The general depth ranges from 46 to 50 meters, with extremes between 16.4 and 73 meters. The bank is steep-to, smooth with minor undulations in topography, and composed of sand, shells, and decayed coral. The water on the bank is not discolored.

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