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Cherif Belguedj (born August 7, 1992) known by his stage name Bassive, is a French electronic dance music producer and DJ raised in Dubai,[1] United Arab Emirates. He produces Electro-House, Dutch-House and Progressive-House music.


Bassive grew up in Dubai, attending the prestigious French language school Le Lycée Français International de Dubai. Growing up, Bassive began to have feelings of resentment towards the rules and expectations of society, reinforced by school and his family. These feelings later began to be shown in his second EP "Felguk". After dropping out of school at the age of 17, Bassive began working as a DJ attending gigs across the whole of the United Arab Emirates. He chose his stage name, Bassive, after his signature Massive bass style. After signing his first label deal to Shake's Records, Bassive released to hit remixes made him a famous name in the UAE and France's music scene. Seeing better exposure to the world from the French music industry, Bassive relocated to Paris in 2011.[2]

Bassive produced singles, EP's and Remixes collecting features and Beatport top 100's on a variety of record labels such as Into The AM Records and Bad Family Recordings,[3] The label he founded in 2011,[4] known as the first electronic dance music record label in Dubai. His track "Going To California" from his latest album "Bassface",[5] was played on the world renowned BBC Radio 1 and Radio FG.[6][7]



  • We Love Music (2011)
  • Felguk (2011)
  • Bassface (2012)


  • Eternity (2010)
  • Mythomania (2011)
  • Situation Critical with Soulfix (2011)
  • Benedictus (2011)
  • Search For You (2011)
  • Sunny Bisk (2011)
  • Electronic Symphony with Y4nn (2011)
  • New School (2012)
  • Radio Rock (2012)


  • Audioshackers - Afroshacke (2010)
  • Ken C - Bring The Haus Down (2011)
  • Paul Anthony & Soulfix - Intergalactic Cyber Hussies (2011)
  • Dylan Kennedy & Kuana Feat MC Freeflow - Ready To Rock (2011)
  • Bass Kicka - Bounce (2011)
  • Alex Kidd (USA) & King Kornelius - Milk & Cookies (2011)
  • Gustavo Brito - Hauz (2011)
  • Alex Mind Feat Sue Cho - Deeply Into You (2011)
  • Toby Emerson & Christoph Maitland Feat VEELA - Fall Silently (2011)
  • Dirtyrock & Shift Four Feat David Reed - More Unfamiliar (2011)
  • Rabbit Killer - LSD Waves (2011)
  • FutureFlash & Dare2Disco - Escape (2011)
  • Cool Project Feat MC Loc-E - Space Age Flow (2011)
  • Fast Foot - Space Man (2011)
  • Scissor Sisters - F*** Yeah (2012)
  • Fun - We Are Young (2012)
  • LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It (2012)
  • 2Complex Feat BBK - Unstoppable (2012)


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