Bassivity Music

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Bassivity Music
Founded 2001
Founder Oneya
Status Transformed in to Bassivity Music Group with production unit in US and Record Label in Serbia
Genre Hip hop Black Urban Music
Country of origin Serbia
Location Belgrade / NYC
Official website

Bassivity Music is a Serbian music label which specialises in hip hop, based in Belgrade.

The label was created in 2002 when hip-hop producer Oneya and Relja Milanković Reksona from the Serbian hip hop duo V.I.P. merged their studios with the production/marketing agency Soulflower.

Since 2008 Bassivity Music is transformed in to Bassivity Music Group operating as international company with two branches

  • -Bassivity Digital- record label and production based in Belgrade, Serbia
  • -BASSIVITY- US based audio/video production and publishing company.


Artists who have released albums with the label include:

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