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Bassmint Productions was a hybrid of members of two separate hip hop groups that existed simultaneously, each including one of two twin brothers, the first; Hype-n-Effect, fronted by producer/emcee Manix(Michael Joseph Ruby) and D.J.Stezo(Steve Mackiewicz).The second;New Jacks, fronted by emcee Double M.(Marshall Bruce Mathers lll )and D.J.Butter Fingers(Mathew Adam Ruby) both only lasted from 1988 to1989. In the late fall of 1989, both groups dissolved to form Bassmint Productions, which was dually fronted by Double M who became M&M, Chaos Kid, Manix and DJ Butter Fingers. Stezo remained a sort of auxiliary member, with the addition of another skilled emcee in his own right, Vitamin C.(Jason Fields) They released a few homemade/handmade demo tapes, including Steppin' onto the Scene, two solo E.P.'s by Chaos Kid and M&M respectively. Bassmint became regular favorites of Lisa Lisa's open mic nite on 96.3 WHYT almost every Friday night for 3 years. During this time, another member was added, an emcee named Maximum(Deshawn Holden) Shortly afterwards, in the early winter of 1992, Soul Intent was formed. Recording enough songs for an album between that time and fall of 1994, they had to settle on two of the best of the bunch because of lack of funds and hard times for three of the four members, they were only able to scrape enough together to put out a maxi cassette, the self titled Soul Intent, the two songs being F#@ing backstabber and Biterphobia. Chaos Kid is not on either song. He was pursuing his own solo effort, though still very much an equal and integral member. The only other emcee on that single is Proof (formerly Maximum)This is a somewhat but detailed summary of the history of the groups, men and some of the music. Previously, the history represented on this page was incomplete and mostly falsified, I know because I was part of that history. My name is Butteh Fingiz, previously D.J.Butter Fingers. One last but extremely important note, Champtown was never, I repeat...NEVER a member nor responsible in any way, shape or fashion for ANYTHING that Bassmint Productions was. No record contract, no song writing, nothing. Neither were we a record label ourselves, we recorded in a basement. Many people who were in no way associated or involved with us have, over the years, taken advantage of the lack of knowledge about our history and people's ignorance to attach themselves thusly. I've used this opportunity to clear the confusion. These are the facts and are indisputable.


  • Double M./M&M/Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) Emcee
  • Manix (Michael Joseph Ruby) Emcee/Super producer
  • D.J.Butter Fingers/ Butteh Fingiz (Mathew Adam Ruby)D.J./part time producer
  • Dr.Deel/Chaos Kid (James Deel) Emcee
  • D.J.Stezo(Steve Mackiewicz)D.J.
  • Vitamin C. (Jason Fields)Emcee
  • Maximum/Proof (Deshawn Holden ) Emcee


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