Bastard Noise

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Bastard Noise
Live on 6/23/2010 in Raleigh, NC
Background information
Origin California
Genres Powerviolence, power electronics, noisecore
Years active 1994–present
Labels Various
Associated acts The Locust, Merzbow, Hermit, Spastic Colon, Government Alpha, Hospital, Guilty Connector, Unicorn, Christian Renou, ACTUARY, Personasnongratas, Bizarre Uproar, Amps For Christ, The Gerogerigegege, Pain Jerk, Molten Salt Breeder Reactor,
Members Eric Wood, Anthony Saunders, Travis Fargher
Past members Henry Barnes, Danny Walker, Joel Connell, W.T. Nelson, & John Wiese .

Bastard Noise is an American band founded in 1991.


Bastard Noise was founded in 1991 by Henry Barnes, W. T. Nelson and Eric Wood.

Project personnel and past contributors[edit]

Project Members are Eric Wood - Electronics, Vocals

There are a number of notable contributors, & collaborators. Among them are M.S.B.R., Guilty Connector, Merzbow, & Koji Tano.

Unique sound and instrumentation[edit]

Although Bastard Noise utilizes many instruments, the project has come to be known and recognized by the idiosyncratic sound of their purpose-crafted gear unique to the project. Electro-acoustic devices such as "the Coil", controllers such as joysticks repurposed from broken arcade games and a vast array of high and low voltage analog audio generators were invented, engineered and hand-built by Henry Barnes (who builds as Amps for Christ and Guitars For Christ) and W. T. Nelson (who builds for Trogotronic) specifically for Bastard Noise lending to the projects' distinctive sound. As of September 2010 W.T. Nelson is no longer in the group. Joel Connell quit in late 2011.

Selected discography[edit]

Bastard Noise project has documented its work inside the recording studio, on stage and even in the kitchen with well over 100 recordings issued. Many of these were self-released, the rest were issued by select underground (and occasionally above-ground) worldwide labels such as Alien8, Deep Six, Gravity, Ground Fault Recordings, Hear More!, Helicopter Records, Housepig, Kitty Play, MSBR Records, Relapse, Thumbprint Press, Triage and Vermiform.

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