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Basudev Higher Secondary School is a leading public school in Bhaktapur, Nepal.


The school was established with primary level classes in 2019 BS (1962 CE). The first School Leaving Certificate (SLC) students were six in number, in 2044 BS (1987 CE). In 2063 SLC (2006 CE), a contingent of 244 students took SLC examinations.


From the academic year 2061 (2004 CE), the school started 10+2 programs in Science and Management. Humatities were added in 2062 (2005 CE). Similarly it becomes successful to extend its programs into Bachelors program in BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) from 2066 (2009 AD)

Academic achievement[edit]

The school has a pass-rate of over 80% in SLC for the last several years.

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