Bataan Peninsula

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Landsat image of Manila Bay-Laguna de Bay area; Bataan Peninsula can be seen on the central portion, in between Subic Bay and Manila Bay.

The Bataan Peninsula is a rocky extension of the Zambales Mountains, on Luzon in the Philippines. It separates the Manila Bay from the South China Sea. The peninsula features Mount Natib (1,253 m) in the north and the Mariveles Mountains in the south, which includes Mount Samat, the location of the historical marker for the Bataan Death March.

The Bataan Province is located on this peninsula. Defeated in the Battle of Bataan during World War II, after the fall of the fortress of Corregidor the Bataan death march took place down the Bataan Peninsula. The captured allied forces were forced to march off the peninsula to internment camps under brutal and horrid conditions suffering many hundreds of cruel war crimes on the road, where they were allowed little water and even prohibited from relieving bodily functions.

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Coordinates: 14°35′N 120°28′E / 14.583°N 120.467°E / 14.583; 120.467