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Bateman Island is an island located on the Columbia River between the cities of Richland and Kennewick, Washington. It is approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) long and 0.5 miles (0.80 km) wide (160 acres (65 ha)) and is part of the city of Richland.

Fishing Spots on Bateman Island Richland, WA
Trail on Bateman Island located in Richland, WA


Lewis and Clark mentioned Bateman Island in their journals in 1805. William Clark and two other men made their way towards the mouth of the Yakima River, but due to the time the farthest they got was Bateman Island.

[citation needed]

Lewis and Clark never made it past Bateman Island; it was the furthest upstream they traveled on the Columbia.

In 1872 the island was being used for wheat farming and in 1912 it was used for raising cows. From 1941 to 1952 the Batemans used the island to raise turkeys and for farming.

The island has suffered damage from wildfire, most recently on August 8, 2001. The cause of the fire was determined to be accidental, as opposed to still smoldering leftover debris from just five days prior.[citation needed]

In 2002 thanks to support by Bechtel Hanford and with help from many volunteers, about 27 tons worth of beer cans, and other debris left there over the last 60 years was removed.

Presently, the island is open to the public for numerous activities. It has recovered significantly from the 2001 fire, though there are still signs of it. The island is home to many different species of wildlife, including deer, birds, carp in the wet season, and numerous small animals. Common recreational activities include fishing, bird watching, and hiking.


Coordinates: 46°14′42″N 119°13′34″W / 46.245°N 119.226°W / 46.245; -119.226