Bath Half Marathon

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Bath Half Marathon
Bath Half Marathon logo 2015.png
Date March
Location Bath, United Kingdom
Event type Road
Distance Half marathon
Established 1981; 34 years ago (1981)
Course records Men's: 1:02:01 (2012)
Edwin Kiptoo
Women's: 1:09.27 (2007)
Liz Yelling
Official site
Participants 11,693[1]

The Bath Half Marathon (also known as the "Vitality Bath Half Marathon" or "BATHALF") is an annual road running half marathon held in Bath, England. It has been held every year since 1981, normally on the second or third Sunday in March. The race was first run in the year after the first London Marathon in 1980 and has remained a popular race for runners preparing for the London Marathon. Since 2015 the race has been sponsored by Vitality. The next race is scheduled for Sunday 13 March 2016.

It is the largest single day charity fundraising event in South West England, raising over £2 million for charity in 2014.[2][3]

Since 2000 the race has been organised by Bath-based Running High Events Ltd.


Main group of runners in 2009, on Pulteney Road, Widcombe

The Bath Half is a fast flat course, straddling both sides of the River Avon. The race starts and finishes in Great Pulteney Street - with a roadway spanning 46 feet (14 m) - one of the widest Georgian boulevards in Europe. The first mile is gently downhill down Pulteney Road to Churchill Bridge, then following two identical laps from Churchill Bridge, rising up past Green Park station, round Queen Square, then down Charlotte Street and westbound out of the city centre along the A4 road (Upper Bristol Road and Newbridge Road) to Newbridge and crossing the 'New Bridge' at the 'Twerton Fork' at the beginning of the dual carriageway. From here the race heads back eastbound on the A36 road back towards the city centre, along Lower Bristol Road, before crossing over Churchill Bridge and up Green Park again for the beginning of the second lap. At the end of the second lap the runners pass across Churchill Bridge, finally rising up Pulteney Road to the finish back in Great Pulteney Street.

The course route is unchanged since minor modifications in 2006, the current course being close to the original course used in early years of the race. It was remeasured in 2006 by IAAF official course measurer Hugh Jones, describing the course as 'officially flat, with three undulations'. The assembly area for the race is the Bath Recreation Ground.


Year Competitors Men's winner Women's winner
Athlete Nationality Time (h:m:s) Athlete Nationality Time (h:m:s)
2006 6,000 Kasimili , Simon Simon Kasimili [4]  Kenya 1:04:08 Mutwa , Cathy Cathy Mutwa [4]  Kenya 1:12:43
2007 8,165 Shiferaw , Tewodros Tewodros Shiferaw  Ethiopia 1:02:09 Yelling , Liz Liz Yelling  United Kingdom 1:09.27
2008 10,054 Tonui , Raymond Raymond Tonui  Kenya 1:05:21 Gebresse , Roman Roman Gebresse  Kenya 1:13:09
2009 10,700 Tonui , Simon Simon Tonui  Kenya 1:03:09 Kandia , Joyce Joyce Kandia  Kenya 1:11:49
2010 10,800 Cherop , Ezekiel Ezekiel Cherop  Kenya 1:03:03 Ross-Cope , Michelle Michelle Ross-Cope  United Kingdom 1:12:07
2011 12,000 Kipkorir , Edwin Edwin Kipkorir [5]  Kenya 1:04:00 Chelimo , Edith Edith Chelimo [5]  Kenya 1:11:25
2012 Kiptoo , Edwin Edwin Kiptoo  Kenya 1:02:01 Muia , Jane Jane Muia  Kenya 1:11:19
2013 12,000 Shiferaw , Tewodros Tewodros Shiferaw [6][7]  Ethiopia 1:03:26 Wanjiru , Polline Polline Wanjiru [6]  Kenya 1:10:28
2014 11,300 Kirui , Nicholas Nicholas Kirui [8]  Kenya 1:03:13[9] Lekapana , Perendis Perendis Lekapana [8]  Kenya 1:10:53[9]
2015 11,693 Martelletti , Paul Paul Martelletti [1]  United Kingdom 1:05:27 Stepto , Emma Emma Stepto [1]  United Kingdom 1:13:48
Leading runners in 2006, Simon Tonui and Simon Kasimili


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