Bathgate and Coatbridge Railway

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Bathgate and Coatbridge Railway
Coatbridge Branch (NBR)
Caledonian Railway Main Line
Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway
Caledonian Railway Main Line
Coatbridge Sunnyside(M&KR)
Greenside Junction
western end of B&CR
Kipps Branch of Monkland
and Kirkintilloch Railway
Rutherglen and Coatbridge Railway
Airdrie East(R&CR)
Airdrie and Newhouse Line (CR)
Ballochney Railway
Ballochney Railway
Brownieside Junction
Wilsontown, Morningside
and Coltness Railway
Wilsontown, Morningside
and Coltness Railway
Polkemmet Junction
eastern end of B&CR
Bathgate Branch of
Monkland Railways
Bathgate (Upper) (E&BR)
Bathgate (1986)
Bathgate Middle Junction
Bathgate (2010)
Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway

The Bathgate and Coatbridge Railway, also known as the "New Monkland Line", was built by Monkland Railways. It opened on 28 July 1863. The line was absorbed into the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway on 31 July 1865. The following day (1 August 1865), the line became part of the North British Railway.


The last regular passenger train along this route between Glasgow and Edinburgh ran on 8 January 1956. Freight services continued until February 1982, then the line was lifted.

Connections to other lines[edit]


The section between Drumgelloch and Bathgate was reopened and electrified in October 2010, thus linking the current North Clyde Line with the Edinburgh to Bathgate Line. Work to reopen the line started with a sod cutting ceremony in June 2007.