Batman Forever (pinball)

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Batman Forever
Manufacturer Sega Pinball
Release date June 1995
System Sega Version 3B
Designer(s) Designer: Paul Lesley, Joe Kaminkow
Programmer: Kristina Donofrio, Neil Falconer, Harry Cline
Artwork: Morgan Weistling, Mark Raneses, Jeff Busch
Music / Sounds: Brian L. Schmidt
Production run 2,500

Batman Forever is a pinball machine released in June 1995 by Sega Pinball. It is based on the motion picture of the same name.


Uses the 192x64 "supersize" dot matrix display with Motorola 68000-based 16-bit controller. Features several electric-green wireform ramps with the BatCave escape ramp extending down behind the flippers and over the playfield apron, releasing balls "up" the playfield during multiball. BatWing cannon rotates & aims across the playfield and fires ball with pistol grip on front of machine. Features genuine speech clips from the movie.

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