Battle Nations

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Battle Nations
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Developer(s) Z2Live
Platform(s) iOS, OSX, Android, PC
Release date(s) November 17, 2011
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy, Simulation
Mode(s) Single-player video game, Multiplayer

Battle Nations is a freemium turn-based strategy video game developed and published by Z2Live. There are over five million players worldwide.


Battle Nations is Z2Live's third game, following Trade Nations and MetalStorm. Z2Live released a video that described the inspiration behind the creation of Battle Nations. The concept for the game was inspired by Trade Nations users who provided feedback requesting additional PvP elements in the game.[1]


The game puts players in control of land with limited resources where effective management of resources is vital to expansion and advancement. Building a productive nation allows players to form armies which are the basis for the game's core: PvP combat in turn-based strategy warfare. It is impossible to "lose" in Battle Nations: even if the player has no buildings to generate gold, the player will always have enough gold to build a supply drop, which generates 100 gold every hour as well as 25 of iron, wood, and stone. Most of the technology in game is based on that used by humans during WW2, although there are a few exceptions (e.g. velociraptors, mammoths, lasers, swords, railguns, etc.). The game seems to lack logic in various areas, allowing players to grow crops in 5 minutes while in real life crops take months to grow, as well as a man with a pistol hiding behind a scrap car door being more dangerous than an imperial soldier with a shotgun and military grade steel shield.


There are over 115 different units that are used for war. The Trooper is the most basic, being able to fire once with a rifle. The Melee frag is generally accepted as the strongest unit. It has the most HP and armour combined. In fact, the Mammoth Tank (a promotional premium unit) has the 2nd HP and armour combined. Some units can do "damage over time", or DOT. These include the Flame Trooper, which burns the opponent, and the Dustwalker, which can poison the opponent. Players are able to train animals which can be used in battles, such as the War Mammoth and Battle Raptor. Sandworms are another type of critter (or animal) unit. Players can also train Raiders, Silver Wolves, Bigfoots and units with Laser Weapons to fight for them. Update 3.0 introduced air units and anti-air units. Characters from Team Fortress 2 were added in Update 4.1 to coincide with the game's official launch on Steam, both as units and as characters with speaking roles.


Z2 over the years nerfed a lot of units, Boom Bus (reduced damage and stun chance), Wimps (limiting them to 3 per battle) and all planes (they were immune to poison, stun and freeze).

Nerfed Units:

  Snipers (Indirect fire changed to direct, no longer can shoot past blocking units as of update 1.3)
  Sharpshooters (Indirect fire changed to direct, no longer can shoot past blocking units as of update 1.3)
  Gunner (Attack damage reduced by over 50%, changed in update 2.0)
  Wimp (Limited to 3 per battle, take 15% more fire damage as of update 2.8)
  Lightning Dragoon (Ammunition added, cool-down for attacks elongated, second attack stun chance reduced, health and dodge lowered as of update 2.8)
  Radio Technician (Health reduced as of 2.8)
  Special Agent (Health reduced as of update 2.8)
  Boom Bus (Stun chance lowered as of update 3.1)

Aircraft (No longer immune to stun, poison or freeze as of update 3.2)

  Sopwith Spiderwasp
  BC-1 Snake
  L-60 Hawker Hurricane
  ZRS-6 Dirigible
  Thundercloud F-10
  B-10 wild boar

Aircraft (No longer immune to poison or freeze as of update 3.2)

  V47 Kittyhawk
  V-14 Maverick

Aircraft (No longer immune to stun or poison as of update 3.2)

  Z2-18 Bomber


Unlike most games of its type, Battle Nations has an in-depth plot centering on a civil war in a fictional country inhabitited not only by humans, but also velociraptors, mammoths, boars, and sandworms.


The protagonist nation of the game, ruled by a benevolent emperor, Hendrik II.

95th Rifles[edit]

The division that the player (known as "The Captain") is in charge of.

  • Lt. Morgan - Second-in-command of the 95th Rifles. Morgan is a heavy drinker who is often hung-over, and often at odds with other characters. In battle, he wields a Tundra Eagle pistol (a parody of the Desert Eagle) capable of one-hit kills.
  • Floyd - A civilian contractor. He prefers designing peaceful contraptions, and deplores violence. He sees the outpost as an outpost and not a military-industrial complex. In battle, he wields a syringe gun that can only knock out wild animals, keeping with his pacifist views.
  • Perkins - A private first-class, and the first trooper trained at the barracks. He is seemingly incompetent and is hated by Morgan, but he is actually a highly skilled soldier. Early on, he is a powered-up version of the default trooper, but later gets control of a special Light Tank that is equipped with Medium Tank armor.
  • Sgt. Ramsey - A large soldier who is in charge of training. Despite his gruff exterior, he is a cat person. He later gains a girlfriend named Cassidy. In battle, he wields a powered-up version of minigun wielded by the Heavy Gunners.
  • Zoey - The chief mechanic. She is always optimistic and irreverent. Her main trait is her building: she often engages in dangerous experiments that almost always end in explosion. She has no regard for anyone's safety, not even her own, shown during the raid on Warlord Gantas' fortress, where she is nearly killed blowing up a guard tower. In battle, she wields a giant wrench.


Other outposts near the player's outpost.

  • Sheriff Colt - The leader of Recoil Ridge, the tutorial outpost. He has a gruff, no-nonsense attitude. In battle, he wields a 12-gauge shotgun, but unlike other shotgun-wielding units, he does not possess range penalties.
  • Cassidy - A civilian from Recoil Ridge who is the best shot on the Frontier. She speaks with a Southern drawl, which is shown in dialogue despite the absence of voice-acting. She later becomes Ramsey's girlfriend. In battle, she wields a sniper rifle.
  • Judge Pierce - The kindly mayor of Bernmoth. He is responsible for influencing a change in personality for Morgan. He does not participate in battles.
  • Ma Pierce - Judge Pierce's 107-year old mother and the blunt "mayor" of Trotbeck. She does not participate in battles.
  • Sheriff Pierce -Judge Pierce's son owner of a steel mill based town.


The Raiders are a band of violent, merciless savages who thrive on death and destruction. They attack the player mainly because they have set up on what they consider to be their land. They are a parody of the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars.

Hostile Raiders[edit]

Most of the Raiders are very hostile and territorial.

  • Warlord Gantas - The supreme leader of the Raiders, secondary antagonist of the whole game, and main antagonist of the first chapter. He is ruthless, militant, and takes no prisoners. In battle, he wields what seems to be a cannon ripped off of an Imperial medium Tank doing about 100-130 with a rather low offense, decorated with mammoth tusks.
  • Sarin - The 2nd deadliest assassin (after crazy blades) in the Raider arsenal. He does have a degree of respect for the player, and later comes to them for help after Gantas is defeated . In battle, he wields an Underpowered Raider Sniper Rifle capable of picking off weak units but unable to penetrate tank armor or even scratch metal units.
  • Tronk - The demolitions expert of the Raiders. He often makes disturbing-sounding death threats. Following the defeat of Gantas(who later joins the silver wolves and tries to kill the player again). Tronk took control of the remaining Raiders. In battle, he wields a Box launcher with and attack much like the hornet's stinger missile attack.
  • Crazy Blades - A female Raider lieutenant. She wields two twin-pronged blades that cannot scratch any tank in the back row, but can cut through even the toughest of armor if a tank is on the front row with her anti-tank attack. Later on, she becomes an "ally" of sorts with the player after being a declared a traitor by the Raiders loyal to Tronk for not protecting Gantas.
  • Shaman Kuros - The second Boss Strike boss.

Raider Allies[edit]

Not all of the Raiders are out to kill you. During the early stages of the game, the player comes across a splinter group of peaceful Raiders lead by Elder Taos. Raiders from the Raider Sanctuary can be trained for use by the player at the Raider Training Camp (apart from Mammoth Riders, who are trained in the Prestigious Academy). (Allied Dustwalkers can now be trained in the Raider Training Camp for close to 9,500 gold and close to over 500 steel).

  • Elder Taos - The leader of the Raider Allies. Though hostile at first, he comes to be a valuable ally of the player. He assists in attacking Tronks' fortress and later the Rebels. In battle, he fights with his bare hands, using strangly-named attacks such as "Boar Calculates The Darkness" and "Mammoth Paints a Mural".
  • Raider Kids - A family of three kids (plus a baby) who inadvertently wander into the player's base and are shot at by Morgan, mistaking them as hostile. They represent the first contact with the Raider Allies. They mostly help Zoey with her dangerous inventions. In battle, they control a levelled-up version of the Mini Tank with horns. Their names are possibly Taro, Yaro, and Daro.
  • Enver and Zenel - A pair of Raider Musketmen who help the Imperials on several missions. They are generic, having no dialogue or defined personalities.
  • Yenkcha - A female Raider who lives at the Sanctuary. Apparently, she is infatuated with Morgan, and as a result, many duelists come to challenge the "Skinny Beast" for her interest. Despite being a major part of the storyline, she never, ever appears in person (concept art was released at a Dev Q&A, though).

Rebel Army[edit]

Born during the rule of Emperor Tragan, the Rebels seek to overthrow Hedrik II. They are led by former Imperial General Ashe. They are the main antagonists of the game (even though the first chapter of the game is focused almost entirely on the Raiders). At the end of the first chapter, it is revealed they launched a surprise assault on the capitol, killed Hedrik II, and began committing unspeakable atrocities. Though they seem to be a parody of the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars, their brutal ways make the Empire look heroic.

  • General Ashe - A former member of the Imperials, he defected to the Rebels and turned the tide of the Civil War in their favor, culminating in the fragmentation of the Empire. He is a brilliant tactician. He guides the player through the first tutorial about battling. Amusingly, the Wilhelm scream can be heard whenever he fires, showcasing his dangerous status. In battle, he dual-wields very powerful pistols that can easily tear any non-armored or non-hero unit apart. He is the main antagonist of the game, despite only making two appearances as an enemy).
  • 2nd Lieutenant Dorian - A renowned Rebel strategist. He is the first Boss Strike boss.

Silver Wolves[edit]

A group of renegade Imperials closely associated with the Rebels. Much of their weaponry is very ragtag, such as cannons being mounted on schoolbuses and thuggish outfits. They are motivated by money.

  • Doug-Silver Wolves leader, he first appears attacking Ma Piece's town. in battle he uses brass knuckles and a pistol.
  • Bronson-Silver wolves lieutenant (despite being much more dangerous in battles than Doug), he uses a triple-barreled shotgun in battle which is capable of killing most player-owned units in a single hit.
  • Mr. Stephenson-Silver wolves lieutenant, he is the brains of the silver wolves (Bronson and Doug are both rather stupid). He never actually fights in battles, but is shown to be a brilliant tactician. When trying to forge an alliance with the player, he attempts to use flattery to get what he wants, calling Lt. Morgan 'General Morgan'. However this does not work.
  • Shrow-Silver wolves lieutenant, she is a battle strategist and leads the third boss strike.

The player can train allied Silver Wolves in the Mercenary Vault.