Battle of Arretium

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Battle of Arretium
Part of Roman-Gaulish Wars
Date 284 BC
Location Arretium (modern Arezzo), Italy
Result Gallic victory
Roman Republic The Senones
Commanders and leaders
Lucius Caecilius Metellus Denter Britomaris
5,000 8,000
Casualties and losses
3,500-4,000 1,200-2,000

The Battle of Arretium was fought in 284 BC between the Roman Republic and some Celtic tribes, mainly the Senones and the Boii. Lucius Caecilius Metellus Denter was the commander of the Roman army as a Consul (or as a Praetor Urbanus or as a Proconsul, if the battle was fought at the opening of 283). The Gauls won the battle, destroying the Roman force and killing Caecilius and seven Military Tribunes. The Celtic victory opened the way for the reestablishment of the Celtic-Etruscan-Umbrian coalition against Rome and the major Celtic Invasion of 283.

There is much confusion regarding the date of the battle and the military position of the Roman commander, Caecilius.

In general, there are three versions for the battle, the Polybian, the Annalistic (Florus, Eutrepius, Orosius etc.) and the Appianic.

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