Battle of Asculum (89 BC)

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Battle of Asculum
Part of Social War
Date 89 BC
Location Asculum, modern Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Result decisive Roman victory
Roman Republic Italian rebels
Commanders and leaders
Pompeius Strabo Gaius Judacilius

The Battle of Asculum was fought in 89 BC during the Social War between Rome and its former Italian allies. The Romans were led by C. Pompeius Strabo, and were victorious over the rebels.[1] The future Consul Publius Ventidius was said to have been captured as a youth at this battle and displayed in a Triumph at Rome.[2]

After two years of siege by the Romans, the people of Asculum, tired of the situation, decided to surrender against the wish of their leader Gaio Vidacilio, who to die with honour and with his freedom, burning himself in a temple on the town.

When the Romans Legions won the battle and entered in the city destroyed all, burning houses, temples, and killing the majority of the population. The city was punished for its rebellion.

Publius Ventidius, a child when the city was destroyed, was captured by Pompeius Strabo and conducted to Rome as a prisoner. He was educated like a roman soldier, and become a consul, fighting against the Persian Empire and winning, meeting Julius Caesar and becoming his trusted friend.


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