Battle of Bayou Meto

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Battle of Bayou Meto
Part of the American Civil War
Date August 27, 1863 (1863-08-27)
Location Pulaski County, Arkansas
Result Confederate States victory
 Confederate States  United States
Commanders and leaders
Confederate States of America John Marmaduke United States John Davidson
Units involved
Army of Arkansas Marmaduke's Cavalry Division
Dobbins' Arkansas Regiment
Casualties and losses
45 total
7 killed
38 wounded

The Battle of Bayou Meto, sometimes called the Battle of Reed's Bridge, was a battle in the American Civil War August 27, 1863 near Jacksonville, Arkansas.


On August 27, Union forces commanded by John Davidson attacked an entrenched Confederate position north east of the Bayou Meto. The Union attack successfully dislodged the Confederate forces from their initial positions. The Confederate forces retreated across the Bayou Meto, burned Reed's Bridge, and repulsed Union attempts to cross the stream. The battle continued as an artillery duel until nightfall, at which point the Union forces retreated.[1]


Bayou Meto was the last successful Confederate opposition to the Union Advance on Little Rock. After Bayou Meto, General Frederick Steele decided to advance on Little Rock from the south-east, leading to the Battle of Bayou Fourche on September 10 and the fall of Little Rock.[1]

After the battle and as the culmination of previous disagreements, Confederate commander John S. Marmaduke asked to be removed from General Lucius Walker's command under threat of resignation. Thereafter, Walker challenged Marmaduke to a duel in which Walker was mortally wounded.[1]

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