Battle of Bereza Kartuska (1919)

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Battle of Bereza Kartuska (1919)
Part of Polish-Soviet War
Date February 16, 1919 [1]
Location Near Bereza Kartuska, near Brzesc, Belarus
Result Polish victory
Flag of Poland.svg Poland Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937).svg Bolshevist Russia
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
62 Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown 80 captured
Polish-Soviet & Lithuanian-Soviet Wars in 1919: Polish & Lithuanian counterattacks.

Battle of Bereza Kartuska was one of the first clashes between the organised forces of the Second Polish Republic and Soviet Russia and considered by some historians the first battle of the Polish-Soviet War.[1]

On February 14 or February 16, 1919, 57 Polish soldiers and 5 officers attacked Soviet forces in the town of Biaroza (Polish: Bereza), a small city to the east of Brzesc capturing 80 soldiers of the Red Army.


  1. ^ a b For controversies about the naming and dating of this conflict, refer to the section devoted to this subject in the Polish-Soviet War article.

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