Battle of Białystok

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Battle of Białystok
Part of the Polish-Soviet War
Date September 22, 1920
Location Białystok, Poland
Result Decisive Polish victory
 Russian SFSR Poland
Commanders and leaders
Nikolai Sollogub Zygmunt Wenda
August Emil Fieldorf
Władysław Broniewski
Józef Marjański
Units involved
16th Army 1st Infantry Regiment

The Battle of Białystok was a battle of the Polish-Soviet War that took place near and within Białystok, Poland on August 22, 1920. The battle was between the 1st Infantry Regiment and withdrawing from the Warsaw remains of the RSFSR's Red Army 16th Army group and 3rd Army troops in the city of Bialystok; the confusion caused by the Soviet forces chased, since the defeat at Warsaw, crushing into the forces stationed in Bialystok caused complete breakdown Bolshevik forces.[1] Within the city, fighting took all day and covered the entire Bialystok. The individual parts of the city repeatedly passed from the Polish to the Russian hands and back. During the battle, several armored trains were used in combat.[2]

The Battle of Białystok memorial obelisk commemorates the battle and is located in the center of the city. The monument bears the name of the fallen during the battle including the commander of the 1st Battalion of the 1st Infantry Regiment Captain Józef Marjański .


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