Battle of Boomplaats

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Battle of Boomplaats
Date August 29, 1848
Location near the Orange River
Result British victory
 United Kingdom South African Republic Orange Free State Boers
Commanders and leaders
Sir Harry Smith Andries Pretorius
1200 300
Casualties and losses
22 7

The Battle of Boomplaas (also referred to as the Battle of Boomplaats) was fought near Jagersfontein at 29°50′39.18″S 25°36′11.42″E / 29.8442167°S 25.6031722°E / -29.8442167; 25.6031722Coordinates: 29°50′39.18″S 25°36′11.42″E / 29.8442167°S 25.6031722°E / -29.8442167; 25.6031722 on August 29, 1848, between the British and the Boers. The British were led by Sir Harry Smith, while the Boers were led by Andries Pretorius. The British were victorious.


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