Battle of Breisach

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Battle of Breisach
Part of the Thirty Years' War
Date August 18 – December 17, 1638
Location Breisach, Holy Roman Empire
Result French victory
Electorate of Saxony Saxe-Weimar
 Holy Roman Empire
Fahne Kurbayern.gif Bavaria
Commanders and leaders
Electorate of Saxony Bernard of Saxe-Weimar
Kingdom of France Vicomte de Turenne
Johann Götz
Federico Savelli
ca. 14,000–19,000 ca. 3,000–20,000
Casualties and losses
1,700 4,000

The Battle of Breisach was fought on August 18 — December 17, 1638 as part of Thirty Years' War. It ended when a garrison of the Holy Roman Empire surrendered to the French, commanded by Bernard of Saxe-Weimar.