Battle of Chlumec

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Coordinates: 50°40′N 13°56′E / 50.667°N 13.933°E / 50.667; 13.933 The Second Battle of Chlumec was the culmination of the war of succession to the Duchy of Bohemia. It occurred on 18 February 1126 in the vicinity of the village of Chlumec (German: Kulm) near Chabařovice on the southern side of the Ore Mountains.

King Lothar III at the Battle of Clumec, 1126

Soběslav I, Duke of Bohemia (of the House of Přemysl) sought to succeed his brother Vladislav I upon the latter's death in 1125. Otto II, Duke of Moravia also wanted the duchy and requested assistance from Lothar III, the Holy Roman Emperor. Lothar marched to Bohemia with his army in 1126, and met Sobeslav's army either near Chlumec or in the vicinity of Lotarův vrch near Jílové. The exact location of the battle is not known.

Otto fell in action, and Lothar was captured. Soběslav won a convincing victory, and released his captive on the condition of his investiture.


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