Battle of Cuddalore (1758)

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Battle of Cuddalore
Part of Seven Years' War
The Pitt engaging the Saint Louis 29 septembre 1758 Indes.jpg
Date 29 April 1758
Location Off Cuddalore, India
Result Indecisive[1]
Flag of the British East India Company (1707).svg British East India Company Royal Standard of the King of France.svg French East India Company
Commanders and leaders
George Pocock Comte d'Aché
10 battleships 9 battleships, plus frigates
Casualties and losses
29 killed and 89 wounded 99 killed and 321 wounded

The naval Battle of Cuddalore took place on 29 April 1758 during the Seven Years' War near Cuddalore off the Carnatic coast of India and was an indecisive battle between a British squadron under Vice-Admiral George Pocock and French squadron under Comte d'Aché. British casualties were 29 killed and 89 wounded, while France lost 99 killed and 321 wounded.[2]

The battle, while indecisive, can be considered a French success since the French fleet managed to disembark the reinforcements awaited at Pondicherry.

The two squadrons met again on 3 August at the Battle of Negapatam and again on 10 September at the Battle of Pondicherry.

Ships involved[edit]

Britain (George Pocock)[edit]

Yarmouth 64 (flag)

France (d'Ache)[edit]

  • Zodiaque (74 cannons, flag)
  • Vengeur (54 cannons)
  • Bien-Aimé (58)
  • Condé (44)
  • Saint-Louis (50)
  • Moras (44)
  • Sylphide (36)
  • Duc d'Orléans (50)
  • Duc de Bourgogne (60)

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Coordinates: 11°45′00″N 79°45′00″E / 11.7500°N 79.7500°E / 11.7500; 79.7500