Battle of Dos Ríos

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Battle of Dos Rios
Part of Cuban War of Independence
Date 19 May 1895
Location Dos Rios, Cuba
Result Spanish victory
 Cuba  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Jose Marti  Col. Sandoval,
Col. Arizon (WIA)
700 unknown
Casualties and losses
14 killed 5 killed
7 wounded

The Battle of Dos Ríos was fought in Cuba during its war of independence from Spain.

José Martí died fighting in the battle of Dos Ríos (near Palma Soriano). He was leading a group of rebels against the Spanish royalist army in the first skirmish in Cuba's struggle for independence from Spain (see History of Cuba). An attempt to recover Martí's body was made by the rebels but the Spanish forces were too strong. Cuban forces buried José Martí on May 27, 1895 in Santiago de Cuba.