Battle of Estrelleta

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Battle of Estrelleta
Part of the Dominican War of Independence
Date September 17, 1845
Location Estrelleta, Elías Piña Province
Result Dominican victory
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Haiti Haiti
Commanders and leaders
Dominican Republic Gen. Antonio Duvergé
Dominican Republic Gen. José Joaquín Puello
Haiti Gen. Jean-Louis Pierrot
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy

The Battle of Estrelleta, was a major battle of the Dominican War of Independence and was fought on September 17, 1845 at the site of Estrelleta, near Las Matas de Farfán, San Juan Province. A force of Dominican troops, a portion of the Army of The South, led by General Antonio Duvergé, defeated a force of the Haitian Army led by General Jean-Louis Pierrot.

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Coordinates: 18°53′N 71°42′W / 18.883°N 71.700°W / 18.883; -71.700