Battle of Failaka

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Battle of Failaka
Part of the Persian Gulf War
Date August 2, 1990
Location Kuwait

Iraqi victory.

  • Failaka's population expelled to mainland.

  • Iraqi surrender in 1991.
Iraq Iraq Kuwait Kuwait
Iraqi Special Forces Battalion
Marine Battalion
Helicopter Support
Infantry Company
Company of Border Guards

The battle of Failaka broke out between the Kuwaiti garrison of Failaka island and attacking Iraqi forces during the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, on August 2, 1990.[citation needed] The Kuwaiti garrison consisted of an infantry company and a company of Border guards, in addition to air defense company armed with Hawk SAMs. Iraqi forces consisted of Special forces Battalion transported by helicopters reinforced with a battalion of marines.


After the successful takeover by the Iraqi army, the island of Failaka was depopulated, with its 2,000 residents expelled to the mainland.[1] The island was retaken by American forces in 1991, using tools of psychologic warfare, making the Iraqi contingent of 1,400 surrender without a single shot.[2]


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