Battle of Fujikawa

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Battle of Fujigawa
Part of the Genpei War
Date November 9, 1180
Location Fujigawa, beneath Mount Fuji
Result Taira flee without engaging the enemy
Minamoto clan, with aid from Takeda clan of Kai Taira clan
Commanders and leaders
Minamoto no Yoritomo Taira no Koremori

The Battle of Fujigawa (富士川の戦い Fujigawa no tatakai?) was a battle of the Genpei War of the Heian period of Japanese history. It took place in 1180, in what is now Shizuoka Prefecture.

Attempting to recover quickly from his exile, and to rebuild his army, Minamoto no Yoritomo sent out messengers to recruit other families. As he continued through the region below Mount Fuji and into Suruga Province, he planned a rendezvous with the Takeda clan and other families of the provinces of Kai and Kozuke to the north. These allies arrived just in time to fight off the pursuing Taira army. Supposedly, in the night, the Taira mistook the sound of a flock of birds for that of a Minamoto surprise attack, and fled, with no actual battle taking place.


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