Battle of Gandesa (1938)

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Battle of Gandesa
Part of the Spanish Civil War
Date April 1–3, 1938
Location Gandesa, Catalonia, Spain
Result Nationalist victory
Spanish Republic
Flag of the International Brigades.svg International Brigades
 Nationalist Spain
Kingdom of Italy (CTV)
XV International Brigade
Casualties and losses
140 prisoners

The Battle of Gandesa (1938) took place during the Spanish Civil War in 1938.


After the fall of Caspe, the Nationalists troops continued their advance towards Catalonia across the Maestrazgo, with the support of the Legion Condor and the Aviazione Legionaria. By the end of February the nationalist had reached the outskirts of Lérida and Gandesa.

Battle of Gandesa[edit]

The town of Gandesa was held by the XV International Brigade and the Nationalists attacked with troops of the Mario Berti´s CTV and the Monasterio's Army Corps. After three days of combats Gandesa fell to the Nationalists on February 3. The Nationalists captured 140 British and American members of the International Brigade. Nevertheless, the resistance of the XV Brigade allowed the Republican troops to reagroup and to withdraw some material across the Ebro River.[1]


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