Battle of Hamath

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Battle of Hama
Part of the Egyptian-Babylonian wars
Date c. 605 BC
Location Hama
Result Decisive Babylonian Victory
Egypt Babylonia
Commanders and leaders
Necho II? Nebuchadrezzar II
Much fewer Unknown
Casualties and losses
Very high Low

The battle of Hama, sometimes called The battle of Hamath, was a battle between the Babylonians and the fleeing remains of the Egyptian army defeated at Carchemish. It was fought near the ancient city Hamath on the Orontes.

In this battle Nebuchadrezzar further shattered the remains of Necho II's Egyptian army that he had previously defeated in the Battle of Carchemish. The battle is mentioned in the Babylonian Chronicles, now housed in the British Museum. In the Cronicles it states that Nebuchadrezzar II killed almost all of the Egyptian combatants, so exhausted that none of them returned to their own country. The Chronicles do not mention Necho and the Bible only mentions 'Necho's army', and it is possible that Necho wasn't present and the Egyptian army was just a garrison army. He was dealing with various rebellions in the delta.[1]


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Coordinates: 35°8′N 36°45′E / 35.133°N 36.750°E / 35.133; 36.750