Battle of Hill 723

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Battle of Hill 723
Part of Vietnam War
Date March 7–16, 1971
Location Laos
Result North Vietnamese Victory
Flag of South Vietnam.svg Army of the Republic of Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam People's Army
Commanders and leaders
Hoang Xuan Lam
1st Infantry Division ???
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy

The Battle of Hill 723 was a Vietnam War battle in Laos, between the South Vietnamese Army and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). It took place from March 7 to March 16, 1971, during the South Vietnamese invasion of Laos. The result was a North Vietnamese Army victory.

As the South Vietnamese Army approached Hill 723 along Route 9 on March 7, 1971, the North Vietnamese Army artillery opened fire and quickly pinned down the advancing South Vietnamese troops. The South Vietnamese Army 1st Division was trapped as the northern flank was closed and the main column was cut off. To no avail, the South Vietnamese High Command attempted to reinforce the 1st Infantry Division with the 2nd and 3rd Regiments. The result was that the South Vietnamese forces were almost completely annihilated.


  • Quan doi nhan dan: Recent battle, victory lauded. Vietnam, 1971.