Battle of Junik

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Battle of Junik
Part of the Kosovo War
Location of the municipality of Junik within Kosovo[a]
Date 28 July 1998 – 17 August 1998
Location Junik, Kosovo, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Result Strategic Yugoslav victory[1]
Yugoslav government regains control of Junik[2]
Kosovo Liberation Army  FR Yugoslavia[3][4]
Commanders and leaders
Bekim Berisha Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Unknown
1,000–1,500 Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 2 soldiers killed
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 4 policemen killed

The Battle of Junik (Albanian: Beteja e Junikut; Serbian: Битка за Јуник, Bitka za Junik) was a battle fought during the Kosovo War between the Albanian rebel group known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and security forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia over the town of Junik in western Kosovo.


During the Kosovo War, the town of Junik was the main conduit for weapons smuggling and distribution of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in western Kosovo.[5] On 28 July 1998,[6] the Yugoslav Army (VJ) surrounded the estimated 1,000[7][8] to 1,500 KLA insurgents in the town.[9] Government forces then gave civilians and the insurgents one hour to surrender or leave the town, but no one complied once the deadline passed.[6] Heavy fighting ensued. On 17 August 1998, after a siege lasting twenty days, Yugoslav security forces seized control of Junik, forcing many KLA militants to abandon their weapons and ammunition and flee into the surrounding hills and forests[10] as members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit stormed the town.[11] The result was the restoration of the federal government's control of the village and the key road that lay next to it. During the battle, four Serb policemen and two Yugoslav army soldiers were killed.[12]



a.   ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo. The latter declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. Kosovo's independence has been recognised by 108 out of 193 United Nations member states.


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