Battle of Kinburn (1855)

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Battle of Kinburn
Part of the Crimean War
French floating battery Lave.jpg
The French ironclad floating battery Lave, which destroyed Russian land batteries at the Battle of Kinburn.
Date 17 October 1855
Location tip of the Kinburn Peninsula
Result Allied victory
France French Empire
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Russia Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
France François Achille Bazaine
United Kingdom Houston Stewart
Russia Maxim Kokhanovitch

The Battle of Kinburn (or Kil-Bouroun) was a naval engagement during the final stage of the Crimean War. It took place on the tip of the Kinburn Peninsula (on the south shore of the Dnieper River estuary in today's Ukraine) on 17 October 1855. During the battle, a combined French Navy and British Royal Navy force engaged Russian forts on shore.

The battle, although insignificant to the outcome of the war altogether, is notable as an early success of ironclad warships. Although frequently hit, the French ships destroyed the Russian forts within four hours, suffering minimal casualties in the process. This battle, as well as the Battle of Sinop, convinced contemporary navies to abandon wooden warships and focus on armor plating.



Coordinates: 46°36′08″N 31°29′52″E / 46.6023°N 31.4978°E / 46.6023; 31.4978