Battle of Koronowo

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Battle of Koronowo
Part of the Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War
Date 10 October 1410
Location Koronowo, Poland
Result Polish victory
POL Przemysł II 1295 COA.svg Kingdom of Poland Den tyske ordens skjold.svg Teutonic Order
Czech mercenaries
Silesian mercenaries
Commanders and leaders
POL Przemysł II 1295 COA.svg King Ladislaus II Jogaila
POL Przemysł II 1295 COA.svg Sędziwój Ostroróg
POL Przemysł II 1295 COA.svg Piotr Niedźwiedzki
Den tyske ordens skjold.svg Michael Küchmeister von Sternberg
2,000 men 1,000 Teutonic Knights
3,000 Czech and Silesian mercenaries
Casualties and losses
Unknown, but few 800–1,000 killed (est.)
300–500 captured (est.)

The Battle of Koronowo was a battle of the Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War. It took place on 10 October 1410, near the village of Łąsko Wielkie and ended in Polish-Lithuanian alliance victory.

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