Battle of Kupa

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Battle of Kupa
Date 819
Location today's Croatia
Littoral Croatian Duchy Pannonian Croatia
Commanders and leaders
Borna Ljudevit Posavski
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Kupa occurred at Kupa River in 819. It involved the Guduscans of Lika, led by Prince Borna of Littoral Croatia against Prince Ljudevit Posavski of Pannonian Croatia, who was Borna's nephew.


During the battle, the Guduscans abandoned Borna and joined Ljudevit. While Borna forces suffered massive losses, he managed to escape with his bodyguards. However, Dragomuž, Liudevit's father-in-law, who sided with Borna, was killed. According to Borna's reports, Liudevit suffered heavy casualties that included 3,000 soldiers and over 300 horses.


Liudevit used the momentum to invade Littoral Croatia in December 819.


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